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Our Approach

Why are we different to other therapists?

In some ways I don't think we are. After all we believe any one entering the helping professions do so because they have a genuine regard for and commitment to the well being of their fellow man. 

We may share motivation and commitment with our peers but diversity lies within the way we practice our craft. 

Our approach is a unique blend of psychotherapy, counselling and clinical hypnotherapy offered in a safe and nurturing way.

We are not motivated by money we are inspired by the strength of the human spirit.

Yes you have two therapists but you pay what you would pay for one and a discounted rate at that.

Yes some of our clients have changed their relationship with anxiety in the first session however we recommend 3 to 4 sessions as the optimum 

Yes we offer appointments out of hours and on weekends because we know how difficult it is to get time off of work.

Yes we offer  discounts for those on concessions 

Yes we adhere to the original quoted price even if the session goes longer.

Yes we really want to help you because we know when you are given the right tools you will make the changes that up until now you falsely believed wasn't possible

Yes you will get to know the whole team

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