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Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa, the unstoppable "Tigger" of our team, brimming with boundless energy. When it comes to cleaning the room between clients, she's like a whirlwind of efficiency. With an impressive twelve-year nursing career under her belt, she's not just a guru of germ control, but also a seasoned pro in handling emergency situations. Having worked in the fast-paced environment of the emergency department, she's practically seen it all and remains unshakable (not that anyone's trying to challenge her resilience).


Growing up with the quirks of Dyslexia, Lisa uses her unique perspective to guide adults with the same challenges, helping them overcome self-esteem hurdles stemming from an educational system that often overlooks diverse learning styles. Her commitment to embracing individuality and supporting others in doing so is nothing short of inspiring.


Lisa is also your go-to anxiety-buster. She's armed with an arsenal of tools and strategies, personally tried and tested, to help people conquer anxiety in all its sneaky forms.


On the adventurous side, Lisa occasionally teams up with Shelley or Brendon, depending on what's best for the client. It's a dynamic trio that ensures top-notch service.


Lisa's counselling expertise extends to various mediums, from phone calls to Zoom meetings, and of course, face-to-face sessions in our office.


When she's not busy being a counselling dynamo, Lisa is a mother to three fur babies. There's Kara, an oversized puppy with lapdog aspirations and a touch of anxiety. Then we have Casper, the cat who's so white, he could give the friendly ghost a run for his ectoplasm. He's got Kara convinced that he's the feline leader of the household pack. Lastly, there's Coco, a whip-smart ball of energy that keeps things lively.


In the grand scheme of things, Lisa is being groomed to take the reins when Brendon and Shelley decide to hang up their counselling hats. Until then, she's got her hands full keeping the rebel fur babies in line. 


Lisa's enthusiasm for life, her love for people, and her passion for her work are palpable. If you're considering her as your counsellor, just give her a ring for a chat that's completely obligation-free. Who knows, you might just find your perfect counselling match in the energetic and empathetic tornado that is Lisa!

There are more than 30 private health insurance providers in Australia and of these a small number provide cover for hypnotherapy services.  Generally hypnotherapy comes under extras cover and a high level of insurance is required to make a claim. As of April 2022 GoAH members have been accredited for the following health funds:

  • HBF

  • CBH

  • HCF

  • HCI

  • Queensland Country Health Fund

  • St Lukes Health 

 All funds have different rules and requirements but there is generally an upper limit of around $200 which can be claimed in any one year. Clients are advised to check with their insurer as to whether their plan covers hypnotherapy.

fur babies


"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"


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