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My Story

I know what it is like to be held prisoner by my perceived limitations. I am a recovered perfectionist and people pleaser. I love helping others to realise their true potential and outgrow the perceived limits which were thrust upon them often unintentionally in childhood.

I am a mature, experienced therapist who believe that we can have a lot of fun while you start to uncover the true you that hides beneath the conditioning you have been exposed to.

Since leaving my corporate life I have kept the promise to myself to never again do anything that doesn't make my heart sing. If you need your own personal cheer squad, a woman to stand behind you who comes up with the "can" instead of the "can't" than I may be the person you are looking for. Take a risk, have a chat and then let your heart decide.

I work with couples, individuals, groups and on myself.

Hope to be talking to you soon.




If you woke up tomorrow in the life of your dreams what would it look like? Can't think? Mmmm maybe we need to talk?


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