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Freya is currently on study leave xx


Unlock the Power of Caring: Freya Therapy Dog (in training)

Freya has a naturally caring nature and she loves to provides cuddles for humans when they are struggling. Invitation only of course. Freya may be young but she understands the importance of consent.

The team is mindful that not everyone loves therapists of the fur covered kind so Freya only comes into sessions when requested.

The team is also very mindful that there are laws around overworking puppies just like humans so the schedule for this awesome work mate is flexible and if Freya is having a day where tummy rubs are not tempting the team respects her right to have a day off.

Upon booking your appointment please let us know if you would like a therapist (in training) of the fur covered kind to attend.

P.S wants you to know she doesn't shed and she is hypoallergenic 

Freya therapy dog at work
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