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Client Feedback

We understand how difficult it is to make the decision to make the first step towards therapy. We thought there is no better voice than the consumer voice so we have asked some our clients to give some feedback to give you a better idea of how we practice.

Presenting issue - Insomnia and Anxiety

"Shelley and Brendon came into my life at a time where I was really struggling with work pressures from a new job which was having a big impact on my ability to sleep adequately. 


I found a lot of benefit from their sessions and really appreciated their supportive approach to their clientele. 


I feel that their sessions helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. I now feel like Ive not just recovered but feel better than before and I can attribute much of this to the guidance and counselling that they initially provided me. "

ST  2021

Presenting issue :  Previous relationship and increasing use of alcohol

"After engaging with Shelley and Brendon I now understand more about the brain and how it works.  I continue to keep myself accountable for my choices and behaviours and constantly go back to my strategies to keep focused and strong.  I look after myself without guilt, expect challenges but enjoy my life every day.


I have stopped making excuses, blaming myself and feel independent.  I have stopped doubting my resolve, worrying about the perception of others about me and thinking others are 'better' than me.  Alcohol and my ex are so much smaller and insignificant in my life now.


Shelley and Brendon have helped me minimise alcohol and my ex in my life by believing in me and my future focused decisions.  They acknowledge and reinforce my achievements along the way.  They have given me concrete strategies to keep focused and strong when I feel vulnerable.  They keep me accountable for my own behaviour and decisions without judgement.  They have explained and taught me how and why the brain works the way it does and how it can be retrained and that will power alone is not enough."


MM 2021

Presenting issue : Long term relationship issues

"We would like to thank Shelley & Brendon for everything they bought to our relationship. As partners of 14 years we found ourselves caught up in unaddressed history and struggled to find effective ways to communicate these so we could move on. On good days we were great, but on bad days it was awful.

As a team, Brendon & Shelley offer a unique non-threatening way to explain why we individually react as we do and techniques to help manage that. They have a wonderful sense of humour and humility, bouncing off of each other, that quickly sets you at ease. The fact that they are a partnership themselves and could bring their own experiences to the table made it feel less confrontational.


We were encouraged to be honest about our feelings and taught ways to express ourselves without being accusatory. Brendon & Shelley helped us re-establish that our love for each other was real and we weren’t purposely going out of our way to disappoint each other, we just needed a more effective way to communicate what we actually needed from one another.

We have been doing the same unproductive, ineffective dance for years, had we found Brendon & Shelley earlier we could have avoided many sleepless nights and the harsh words we can’t take back. We have taken time out to reassess our priorities, revise the way we address concerns and now work as a team rather than two individuals.


We are still a work in progress but now have a better awareness of each other’s pain points and the reasons behind them, we also know that Brendan & Shelley are close by if we get stuck."    M&A  2021

Presenting issue:  Needing a mentor for mindfulness work

"Shelley Murphy has the personality and experience that make her an exceptional counsellor, add to that a high level of qualification and (my personal favourite) the fact that she has done/is doing her own inner work, and you've got yourself a mighty yet gentle ally and resource. Shelley also has a fantastic sense of humour which is often the 'spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down'.
Shelley and partner Brendon have also looked at each aspect of the way their business is run, and have made sure that in every way it is geared towards the needs of the client. This is so rare, and to me indicates that for them, the central value and driving force of their practice is a strong and genuine aim to provide the best possible assistance to each individual client.
All in all, I can't recommend Shelley highly enough, and believe me, I'm VERY fussy when it comes to this sort of thing!"  AF 2020

Presenting issue:   Recovering from trauma

"Shelley has a real gift for counselling. After experiencing huge trauma in my life I turned to counselling from a local service recommended by my doctor. The service helped but I was really only keeping my head above water. Then I switched to Shelley and experienced HUGE shifts. Shelley is highly qualified and very professional but it's her gift for getting to the heart of the issue and ALWAYS knowing where to go with it that makes her absolutely outstanding. She is very intuitive and applies this gift to her work to the benefit of her clients. She is warm, caring, patient and genuine and has a great sense of humour, bringing much needed lightness to issues, while at the same time bringing helpful insight and guidance. Shelley is unique and I consider it a huge blessing to have worked with her. I can't imagine where I'd be now without her excellent service."  AH 2020

Presenting issue:  Disabling Anxiety

"My anxiety had me housebound for a long time. I didn't want to drive, I didn't like meeting new people and i wasn't able to live my life to it's full potential. My kids kids suffered with their mum living a life of fear. After hours of therapy with Shelley, I've now taken on a job that requires me to drive and talk to new people. I can do group meetings!

My kids are no longer disappointed having to stay home all the time and we can go places. I've been taught wonderful skills on how to keep my anxiety away. I'm forever grateful for Shelley's skills and patience with me." CV 2019

Presenting issue: Recovering from childhood trauma

"Shelley has taught me tools to which I apply in my everyday life. I feel safe around Shelley and find communicating with her so effortlessly. The way I view certain situations in my life now has expanded thanks to Shelley and I no longer feel I am constricted by choices or a way of thinking. Shelley has guided me to inner freedom and I can not thank her enough."  SV  2019

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