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My days as an athlete

As an elite athlete many years ago (yes that is me in the picture) I have had a long experience with understanding the part your mind plays in setting or exceeding your perceived limits. Since my time as an athlete I have diverse experience in the 9-5 grind and am now really happy to do what I love doing. Helping you help yourself.

I have used these tools myself so my experience is realms beyond the text book regurgitation of theories and ideas. 

I work solo but at times partner with the Shelley and Lisa if we feel that the client will gain added value by doing so.

They give me heaps because they believe that I am a walking encyclopedia of Dad jokes and have the biggest hat collection in Adelaide. Always on the look out for new jokes and hats so keep me posted.

Long story short if you want to spend time with a genuine therapist who will not cut you off at the 49 minute mark when you are just starting to open up that is me. 

I will make the time if you make the commitment.

loving what I do

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Be the person you want to be not the person you were programmed to be.


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