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Are you tired of kissing frogs?

Hi I am Shelley Murphy a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and I work a lot with couples who have discovered some sooner rather than later that their ideas of happy ever after don't quite match. They know they love each other but they are not feeling loved, heard, respected or connected and that as they say in the classics 'sucks'. The fact is that no one gets out of bed in the morning stretching their arms accompanied by a huge yawn and a commitment to screwing up their most important relationship! Well beside the relationship they have with their good self that is. That is not our intention but unfortunately that is often what takes place and we are left with feeling disheartened, disconnected and planning our divorce on at the close of the day.

I am in the business of helping couples find their way back to each other because I know that it really hurts to love someone but not be able to do it in a way that they feel loved, safe, secure and positive that you want to stick around till the kids grow up and leave the nest and that you will have anything left to say to each other or even be interested in each other.

So in short this is the beginning of a tale from a relationship counsellor who happens to be a woman, who happens to have her own lived experience of how good intentions can go terribly wrong and is committed to preventing the mistaken kissing of frogs in search of your perfect prince, princess or partner . If frogs are your thing then this is not the blog for you.

If you are interested please drop by again.

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