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Why do smart women fall for unavailable men?

Let's start with really checking out why the "prince charming" archetype is so damn attractive to us. Fairy tales and societal conditioning paint a picture of a knight in shining armour who "completes" a woman #redflags. We will literally turn ourselves inside out trying to reinvent ourselves time and time again to win the prize which doesn't reward us with the fairytale ending that we had hoped for #youdeservebetter.

As I stated in my book "A Cage Called Hope": "We spend so much time waiting for the 'right' person to show up that we forget we are worthy of love right now, exactly as we are." #relationships

Why do we ignore the warning signs that this man is simply not that into us? The sad part is we can simply be too clever for our own good. Our intelligence can sometimes lead us to overthink or analyse relationships, missing red flags in favour of the fantasy. We get so immersed in rationalising the other persons' behaviour we miss the big flappy red flags which are literally slapping our looking for love in all the wrong places faces #worthyoflove.

It isn't fate, it isn't bad luck, it's not that you are cursed, too old, too fat or not pretty enough you just didn't know what you didn't know. It is never too late to change your relationship with yourself and find the love that you truly deserve. #strongwomen

Share Your Story: Have you ever found yourself drawn to a partner who seemed "unavailable"? Share your experience anonymously in the comments below.

Call to Action:  Take some time this week to reflect on your own relationship history. What patterns have you noticed? Consider journaling or talking to a trusted friend to gain clarity.

Some of the most challenging relationships begin with the most romantic tales.
It isn't always as it seems

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