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Why Frogs?

I understand the reference to frogs and kissing them may be a little confusing to some. I use that analogy because it is based on the fairy tales that many of us soaked up at a very young age.

We then grew into relationship seeking humans and started searching for that Prince which could easily be disguised as a frog. Don't believe what you see because you may be passing up the opportunity of a life time! It might smell like a frog, walk like a frog, croak like a frog but underneath there is our Prince.

We had been taught to not believe the truth of what we see but instead work really hard to turn that person into the person of our dreams. We do that by editing the truth to match our story, dream and our need to have someone complete us. We will confuse controlling behaviour for their intense care about our well being. We will confuse their need to pick our friends as a real interest in protecting us from the negativity of our group. We will confuse their flooding us with gifts as an act of extreme generosity. We will confuse their ordering our food, telling us how to dress and eat as a way of their sharing their worldliness.

We have been so conditioned to not believe what we see that we literally think we are living the dream!

It is truly a fairy tale but not one that dreams are made of.

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